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How Does an Aluminum Screen Window Work?

Hits: Date:9/26/2011

How Does an Aluminum Screen Window Work?

To understand how an aluminumscreen window works, you must first understand the basic design. This particular type of window is specially designed to be mounted in between the regular glass windows of a house. This means that there will be an interior layer of regular glass, this storm window or screen, and then an exterior layer of regular glass. They are also specially sealed and well fitted into their frames. Due to this design, they offer a variety of benefits.

Improving Comfort

Screens windows are known for keeping hot air inside in the winter and cold air inside in the summer. As opposed to regular windows which are one piece of glass or hard plastic, the three-layer design reduces the amount of wind that hits the window in the winter. This raises the temperature of the interior piece of regular glass, which in turn raises or makes it easier to raise the temperature of the room the window is in.

The design works in reverse during the summer. When cold air from an air conditioner hits the interior pane of the window, there is a gap and then the storm window followed by the exterior piece of the window. This allows the exterior piece of the window to be warm due to the heat outside and yet not affect the temperature of the window on the inside. This keeps cold air in the home as opposed to it seeping outdoors. This also means the air conditioner will not have to work as hard to cool a room.

Energy Bills

One of the most attractive features of a storm screen or window is that they are guaranteed to save money on heating and air conditioning bills. Many retailers will boast that, due to the tight seal around the windows and their likelihood to keep hot and cold air in the room, the average user will save about 30% each year on their energy utility bills.